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The firm has been providing quality, personalized financial guidance to local individuals and businesses. David C. Tucker, CPA's expertise ranges from tax management, financial services and financial planning.

Our firm is open year round, multi-lingual, with our mission is to help clients maintain financial viability in the present while taking a proactive approach to achieve future goals. This requires open communication to reach an understanding of our clients' needs, thorough research, and sound analysis. David C. Tucker, CPA is dedicated to meeting these goals with high standards of excellence and professionalism.




David C. Tucker, CPA AFSP - Principal


David Tucker has extensive experience in executive, financial and tax management spanning 30+ years. Since 2000, he has provided tax services for individual and business clients as a CPA Practitioner. This practice is focused on four primary elements:

  • Business and personal tax preparation/review
  • Structuring business entities (Corporations, partnerships, and LLC's)
  • Accounting, bookkeeping and payroll preparation/reviews
  • Special engagements: compilations, audits, minority owned business designation, IRS offer 
    and compromises, IRS Audits relief, Sales Tax Audits, etc


Prior to 2000, Mr. Tucker served as a Certified Public Accountant with several large CPA practices to include Ernst & Young and Arthur Anderson. Industry experience includes senior financial management responsibilities with United Technologies Corporation, Hiram Walker, and Ambac.

Educationally, Mr. Tucker earned his BSBA Degree from Northeastern University in Boston, his MBA from the University of Hartford and is a Texas licensed Certified Public Accountant.

In meeting with clients, Mr. Tucker believes he is unique when compared to other CPA practices with:

  • A semi-aggressive tax law approach, while trying to “bullet-proof” clients from audit exposure.
  • No charge for initial consultations, or charges for answering most on-going questions during the year. 
    He also prefers to offer fixed pricing scenarios for a project rather than time/billing charges.


Angel Gaspar AFSP- Senior Technician


Angel joined the firm in July, 2014. He has worked at a body shop, gym and during high school enjoyed taking advance math classes. He is currently attending college, with a focus in majoring Mechanical Engineering.

Outside of work he enjoys soccer, fashion, music, dancing and working out. He loves going downtown with his friends to listen to indie bands and enjoy what Austin has to offer. Angel is both a fluent speaker of both Spanish and English.

Cristina Tirado AFSP- Payroll Manager


Cristina has been with the firm since January 2012. Cristina’'s prior work experience includes the position of sales representative with an Auto Parts Wholesaler.

Outside of work, Cristina enjoys spending quality time with her family. Educationally, Cristina is attending college to earn her degree in Accounting and is a Certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor. She is fluent with both Spanish and English.


Dustin Figueroa AFSP-Technician

Dustin joined the firm in December 2016. He graduated high school in June of 2016 and is currently attending ACC. He plans to eventually transfer out to the University of Texas and receive a Master of Business Administration.

Along with school and work he also helps with his dad’s business from time to time as he plans to one day take over a business of his own. 


Gabriel Melendez - Technician


Gabriel joined the firm on August, 2013. He was raised and educated in Mexico, coming to the United States in 2011. Gabriel received a Public Accountant degree from the Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi in Mexico as well as a Master degree in Mexican Tax Management. Gabriel has in excess of 10 years with a real estate company in Mexico. He has a passion for Audit engagements and tax preparation.   

Gabriel is happily married and a proud father of 4 children, enjoying spending time with the family and encouraging his children to be best they can be as their "success is his success". Going to the movies and theater are just two of the many activities he enjoys with his families. He is a believer and a man of faith. He enjoys helping those in need, gives back to the community as much as he can, committing to his own philosophical belief, "You must give, in order to receive".  Gabriel is currently attending college in an effort to sit for the CPA Exam and become licensed in Texas.


Jaqueline Balderas AFSP- Technician

Jaqueline joined the firm on July 2017. She graduated from Hendrickson High School on June 2017. During her time in high school, Jaqueline took many AP and Pre-AP classes. Thanks to those AP test she graduated high school with college credit. Jaqueline plans to major in Accounting from the University of Texas after transferring out from ACC.

Outside of work Jaqueline enjoys spending time with her family. She is actively involved in her church youth group and enjoys exploring new places. Jaqueline is also fluent in both English and Spanish.


Jorge Perez AFSP- Accounting Manager


Jorge has been employed at David Tucker CPA since September 2012. Before joining the firm, he and his family were clients. Jorge is currently attending Texas State to earn a degree in multicultural studies with a major in Spanish.

Outside of work he enjoys playing soccer and working with the community. He is a teacher's aid and enjoys tutoring students, plus he is the head varsity coach for a high school soccer team. Jorge is a fluent speaker of both English and Spanish.


Katherine Tirado-Technician

Katherine joined the Tucker team November 2016. Katherine has worked as an Executive Assistant, Makeup Artist and Receptionist.

On her free time, she loves to go to concerts and Music Festivals, road trips with her friends, and go to the gym. Katherine also speaks Spanish and English fluently.

Suhelen Pacheco AFSP- Office Director


Suhelen has been employed at David Tucker CPA since 2010. Prior to her employment with the firm, Suhelen worked as an attorney’s legal assistant within their personal injury department.

Suhelen is happily married. Outside of work she enjoys playing soccer and spending as much time with her family, she also loves being very involved at her church. She is currently attending college to earn her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and is a Quickbooks Pro Advisor. She has lived in Austin for more than 20 years and fluent in English and Spanish.



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